“Guardian Figures”,1991 –92, Corten Steel, 400cm high,Palmer Sculpture Landscape, South Australia.
“Returning Figure” 1992–93, Corten Steel, 400cm high, Palmer Sculpture Landscape, South Australia.

Palmer Sculptural / Environmental Landscape,
South Australia


It is a landscape under revegetation at present. The Sheoaks removed by the incoming European culture of the 19th Century to power the local gold and copper mines of the 19th and 20th Centuries, the paddle steamers on the Murray and home fires are gradually being restored.


Bare bone country where large standing stones throw out a challenge across the waters to Stonehenge. But these are stones of the landscape not placed/arranged by humans - an important difference.


The Palmer Landscape is worth restoring and then preserving, or at least a percentage of It, to know what it was once like, you need to spend some time there to appreciate it, as with a lot of Australia. A relationship does not develop In a one night stand. This is not an Australian beach experience, where you can be blown away in one day by the sensual experience of water, light and smell. This is a longer term, more demanding, but in the end the silent stones will speak.

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