“The Settled Explorer”, 2007, Mild Steel, 225x37x47cm. Palmer Sculpture Landscape.

Palmer Sculptural / Environmental Landscape,
South Australia


This is a magnificent environment to place sculpture in, big skys, large horizons, open areas, dramatic escarpments, a strong Australian sense of place where a reciprocal dialogue can take place between the sculpture and the landscape. It is a place with both a significant Aboriginal and European history associated with the land. As an Australian sculptor this too attracts me. It is also on the edge, a cusp, the last hills before the extensive Murray Flats. - again sculpturally this attracts me.


More than 35 major sculptures have now been placed at Palmer, They have been carefully placed. They also, deliberately, do not overwhelm the landscape. I have had no attempted restrictions placed on me by committees - what a relief! This was of course a further and primary reason for buying the land. I feel strongly, that significant art work, as with significant music, grows out of unrestricted real situations rather than artificial ones contrived by committees where the final outcome is often a compromised work.


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