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"Within-Without (Of Place and Spirit)"

“Within – Without (Of Land And Spirit)” is a five metre high pod like form composed of a large number of small, open, round hexagonal units. The public can see through the form to the surrounding landscape – connection to the surrounding landscape is important. When you move around the sculpture, which continually changes visually, a negative figure suddenly appears from one angle. The intended implication is of a protective spirit figure within the organic pod form. So, deep, profound guardianship of place as a priority is a message this sculpture hopefully conveys.

The many small units which make the sculpture up are hexagonal forms, which are basic and intrinsic building blocks in the natural world. They are one example of underlying patterns in nature, which becomes evident when the microscopic web of nature is revealed. Interconnection between everything occurs in the natural world, these patterns exhibit this. That interconnection must be respected, when links are broken (flora and fauna extinction) the whole system becomes vulnerable and can ultimately collapse. “Within – Without (Of Land And Spirit)” speaks of these micro–macro links and of the critical role guardianship should play in protecting the links.

Sculpture 5m high. Made from solid 25mm Mild steel.


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