Landscape Sculptures
Further Forms
Figurative Forms


Over the last decade, the Australian landscape has become a major influence on my sculpture. It is not however the only influence ...

Fractal Sculptures


In the late seventies I began to use a Y shape as the underlying building block for some of my sculptures. This was a long time before the term fractal appeared in common language ...

Further Forms


The circular forms extend back to my earliest sculptures. While other areas of exploration have opened up over the decades there is a richness to this field of investigation which lures me back on occasions ...

Commisioned Sculptures


Johns makes solid-looking sculptures of metal which are about forms that twist and change as we move around them. - Neville Weston



The figurative pieces began to appear around nineteen eighty eight. I wanted to develop my work in new directions. Remaining in one area of development which has brought you success is too safe an approach for a sculptor ...